Monday, 21 May 2012

ऑनलाइन ततकाल टिकिट कैसे बुक करें

Online Tatkal Train Ticket booking Tips and Tricks

1. Have you computer/internet ready

The Tatkal quota opens up at 8 am sharp only at IRCTC  while it opens at 9 am at other sites like So  occupy your computer by 7.30 am. Check your internet  connection open browsers
and login into them from  different accounts.

2. Sync your computer's time with Indian Rail Servers(Computers)You must sync it. Because if you press submit button before  8 am then you'll get an error and waster your time. If you press 
later, you dim your chances to book the Tatkal rail ticket. So  how to know the correct time?
  1. Go to this link. Type in any value(or 14553 ). Now press "Get Schedule". In the result scroll down to see the browser time. It is also shown in the following pictures:

  1. Train status windows
    rail server current time window
  2. Download Different Browsers

    Download & install different browsers on your computer: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera. Now have at least 3-5 IRCTC logins of your relatives ready. Login from each browser using different login name. Also from each browser open another window with IRCTC login page with your login and password filled in. So if your login in Firefox does not work then from this another Firefox window login again just by pressing Submitting button.
  3. Get a auto form filling software

    For Tatkal every second counts. Save your time by having your login/passwords and other details filled automatically by single click. On Firfox you can use free add-ons like Auto Fill forms. If you want to pay up to Rs. 1400- 2000 then you can buy a more professional version like RoboForm. You can now book like professional IRCTC agent.
  4. Have Bank Account Ready - Never use ICICI Bank's account

    Use the bank account which requires minimum inputs. SBI and HDFC's are one of the best. Check the IRCTC payment gateway statistics and avoid using those banks whose transactions mostly fail. For example in this list you'll see that Rajasthan Bank's Netbanking success rate is only 39%! While ITZ Cash Card is has the highest success rate among all channels. Never ever use ICICI Bank account. You'll never be able to book a Tatkal using it. Avoid account of Yes bank because for payment it sends one password on your mobile which can get delayed.
  5. Get your train details ready

    Have ready the source/destination station codes. You'll need to click "Plan your travel" link to proceed. You need only max 4 characters station codes in it. Find the station codes from here. Mind you when you login, "Plan My Travel" is opened ready for you. Just fill the station codes in the "From" and "To". Select Date, Ticket Type and Quota(Tatkal here). Click "Find Trains" button only after 8 am sharp.


  1. You can login only single account from any browser. Use different browser for different login
  2. Mind you Quick Book is disabled for Tatkal in the morning. Don't use it.
  3. Never click a link twice. IRCTC site will give error and you'll need to relogin.
  4. Reload/F5 may be used only once if your request has not reached IRCTC computer servers. Say when you pressed Submit and at that time internet was disconnected then, safely you can retry form submission after reconnection. Otherwise your login session will be closed by IRCTC.
  5. If the network is very slow wait for some time ( 4 minutes). Never press refresh or F5. Rather login into the same account again from IRCTC login page by opening another window of your browser.
  6. Since lacs of people are trying to book at the same time so the site response will be very slow. But wait for at least 4-5 minutes before you relogin into the same browser
  7. Always wait for the page to load completely before you press any buttons. Check the browser status bar or other places of indication of page load.
  8. After you've made payment if your site does not load while redirecting to IRCTC in 5 minutes then press F5 only once. Sometimes this will work.
  9. If you've made payment then if you've set SMS alerts in your bank account, then you'll get SMS in your mobile about the payment.
  10. If your payment is made but disconnected or page did not load for ticket confirmation, then immediately check your e-mail id(given in IRCTC login) and see if you've received any ticket confirmation e-mail from IRCTC. Don't use Rediff e-mail accounts since it may delay e-mail notifications by couple of minutes.
  11. Have somebody site beside you to oversee the details you fill in. since in hurry it is very easy to make mistake and lose precious ticket.
  12. Right clicks are disabled in IRCTC site while you fill the form details
  13. Don't do copy paste of values as it may create problems in IRCTC site while filling form details.
  14. The best way to get Tatkal ticket is to go to Railway station early( before 7.30 am) and be first in the queue and get the ticket from the counter . Getting from online is more like a lottery for most of the trains.

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