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Remote Control Your Computer With Your Phone

अपने मोबाईल से कण्ट्रोल कीजिये अपना लैपटॉप PC

1. On your computer

Install the Unified Remote server application on your computer. This will allow your device to connect and communicate to your PC on your home network. Requires Windows and .NET Framework 4.
Setup v2.3 (msi) Setup v2.3 (zip) Portable v2.3 (zip)

2. On your device

Get the Unified Remote client application from the Google Play. Connect to your PC and control Media Playback, Mouse, Keyboard, PowerPoint, and much more. See features comparison.
Free v2 Full v2

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  • Server (Windows)

    App (Android)

    All released versions of the server are available. Only use old versions if you are experiencing problems with the latest released version.
    • Version 2.3.0
      Download as: msi or zip or portable
    • Version 2.2.0
      Download as: msi or zip or portable
    • Version 2.1.2
      Download as: msi or zip
    • Version 2.1.1
      Download as: msi or zip
    • Version 2.1.0
      Download as: msi or zip
    • Version 2.0.2
      Download as: msi or zip
    • Version 2.0.1
      Download as: msi or zip
    • Version 2.0.0
      Download as: msi or zip
    • Version 1.0.2
      Download as: exe or zip
    Server Server Server Server Server Server Server Server Server Server
    Server Server Server Server Server Server

    1. On your computer

    You should first download and install the Unified Remote Server application on the computer you wish to control. Simply download, install, and start the application. The settings window provides: status and general settings, connection configuration (TCP, UDP, Bluetooth, etc), security (Password, Encryption), remote specific configuration, log, and about.

    Once everything is configured, you can close the server window, since the application will continue to run in your system tray. You can always open the server window again by either right-clicking or double clicking the Unified Remote icon.

    2. On your device

    Next you should download and install the Unified Remote app on your device. The app is available on the Android Market. Simply search for 'Unified Remote' developed by 'Unified Intents'. Once the application running, follow the in app instructions. The dashboard offers quick access to all the main parts of the app.

    3. Servers

    New manager and bluetooth support. Easy to use server manager, automatic detection or manual entry, easy selection of paired bluetooth devices.
    Server Servers Servers

    4. Connection

    Improved stability and troubleshooting. Clear notifications regarding connection loss and errors, new diagnostics tool for troubleshooting connectivity issues and errors.
    Connection Connection Diagnostics

    5. Integration

    Improved phone integration. Providing easy access to mouse and keyboard using menu or on-screen swipe gestures, all new system keyboard support, hardware volume control, and phone events.
    Mouse Keyboard Mouse Preferences

    6. Remotes

    Many new remotes. Focusing on advanced control of applications. All new remotes for: Boxee, iTunes, Media Player Classic, Media Portal, Start Menu, Winamp, VLC, XBMC. Significant improvements to all previous remotes. More to come!
    Remotes Remotes Remotes

    7. Shortcuts

    Directly to remotes. Create shortcuts to your favorite remotes on your home screens.
    Shortcuts Shortcuts Shortcuts

    8. Wake On Lan

    Built-in wake on lan functionality. Easy to use Wake On Lan feature in Power remote. Configured using Broadcast IP and target MAC Address.
    Wake On Lan Wake On Lan Wake On Lan

    9. Troubleshooting

    If you have any problems, then please start by reading our FAQ. If you are unable to find a solution to your problem there, then please contact us.

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